January 19, 2022


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Air Pollution Effects and Tips

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Air Pollution: Health Effects and Tips During Haze - BKK Kids

Air pollution is that which defines the presence of toxic substances in the environment. It is a global problem since the pollutants emitted in a given country can be transported in the atmosphere, affecting in the air quality solutions in other parts of the world.

Being aware of and understanding the consequences of poor quality of the air we breathe forces us to act. Because we can all take actions in our day to day that make a difference and help us build a healthier planet.

Tips To Reduce Air Pollution In The City

  • Ventilate the house daily. Although it seems like a no-brainer, proper ventilation is very important to improve indoor air quality. Having indoor plants helps to renew the air naturally and effectively.
  • Do not smoke in closed spaces and go out to the terrace. Or, if the house allows it, set up a smoking area that is isolated from the rest of the home and that can be easily ventilated.
  • When cooking, especially when frying food, ventilate the kitchen well by opening the windows and using smoke extractors, since frying produces a great pollution of the domestic air.
  • Using air purifier’s professional scenting systems highly recommended cleaning the environment and making it healthier. For example, it helps to prevent allergies for those who do not suffer from them; and, for those who do, it helps mitigate their symptoms.

In summer, use the air conditioning in a rational way if you have it. Find the exact temperature to keep the house cool and do not abuse its use, since it consumes a lot of energy.

Consequences Of Air Pollution

The eruption of volcanoes and meteoric fall can have a serious polluting impact on the planet. But the occurrence of this type of phenomenon is very rare, at least in current geological time. However, it is human actions that have led to making air pollution one of the most dangerous environmental problems we face.

The ecosystems, the climate and the human being are the main affected by these pollutants present in the atmosphere. It is important to know the causes and types of pollution.

The Effects Of Air Pollution

Acid rain: It is generated as a consequence of the combination of the humidity of the air with the polluting gases present in the atmosphere.

Eutrophication: It is one of the most important pollution processes suffered by the seas, lakes and rivers of our planet. It refers to the contamination of water by nitrogen and phosphorus that, in addition to toxic discharges, can be caused by their presence in the environment.

Health problems: As we have discussed, exposure to poor air quality causes a decrease in lung function in both animals and humans. This generates diseases and inflammation of the respiratory tract that can lead to the death of people who suffer from it.

Greenhouse effect: Air pollution fuels the retention of polluting gases on the Earth, which in turn causes greater global warming.

Smog: It is one of the terms most linked to atmospheric pollution. It refers to the stagnation of pollutants in the air causing a toxic fog to be created. Sometimes, in large cities that have suffered a considerable degree of environmental pollution, this type of beret is usually seen covering the sky.

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