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Cargo carriage: modes of transport, their advantages and disadvantages

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One of the components of successful cargo carriage is the correct selection of transport. Specialists of transport and logistic companies choose transport considering the specifics of loads: dimensions, hazard class, shelf life, and so on. Four methods of transportation are popular today: motor, sea, railroad and air transportation. Detailed information about each of these modes can be found at the carrier’s site. Let us consider advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Motor carriage

Delivery by motor transport is popular not only due to affordable tariff rates. Well-developed transport network makes it possible to deliver loads quickly and over long distances. At the same time, wide range of motor transport makes it possible to transport loads of various types. For example, isothermal trailers are useful for carriage of loads that require maintaining a certain temperature mode over short distance. The temperature inside the trailer changes by 1 degree every day. Refrigerators are equipped with freezing equipment capable of maintaining temperatures up to -25 degrees. Jumbo trailers are used to carry large volume loads.

Motor carriage is performed round the clock as it is not regulated by the work schedule of air or sea ports and provide for the possibility of door-to-door delivery.

However, it must be taken into account that motor transport is not always suitable for long-distance transportation. Moreover, movement speed may be affected by weather factors, such as fog, glaze ice and rain showers.

Sea carriage

The main advantage of this method is the ability to deliver impressive volumes of goods within a single batch. Sea vessels transport goods in 20-foot or 40-foot containers: their carrying capacity amounts to 22 tons and 27 tons respectively. A single ship may house up to 20 thousand such containers.

Sea transportation makes it possible to carry goods not only to other countries, but to other continents and islands as well. However, it takes time, normally not less than 7 days, which makes this mode of transport unsuitable for fast delivery and perishable goods. Sea carriage also depends on the schedule of ports and weather conditions.

Railroad transportation

Railroad transport is another excellent option for delivery of heavy loads over long distances (within the same continent). This method can be used for transportation of outsized goods, as well as fuel, timber, and metals. Carrying capacity of a single rail car may reach 50 tons, the same of an entire train exceeding 500 tons.

However, specifics of this mode of transport must be accounted for. For example, in order to deliver goods from the shipper to the car and then from the car to the recipient, another mode of transport is required: motor vehicles. This is not always convenient.

Air carriage

Air carriage is known as the most expensive but at the same time fastest method of cargo transportation. Air transport is used for urgent transportation and delivery of perishable goods. Moreover, it is the only method suitable for transportation of loads to remote territories without motor roads and railroad tracks.

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