3 Must-Do Tips To Get Your Local SEO Strategy Going

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Currently, personal or company branding is paramount and essential for any significant growth. Most brands get carried away by some superficial likes and shares and forget to capitalize on customer loyalty and engagement. The quality of the audience your brand attracts means a lot when it comes to lead generation. The big crowd is good, but the quality audience is king. Below are three of the three strategies you can apply as a company or entity to maximize the benefits of local SEO especially if your business is looking for top seo agencies in Arlington.

1. Communicate your niche to your audience

Building a substantial local Search Engine Optimization demands you produce unique content. Your target audience is mostly attracted to your original voice and not imitations. Local Search engine optimization demands you set yourself away from copying other businesses as their interest will be lost. Experts advise companies whether the small or medium entity to take their time in developing their purpose rather than trying to copy a model that worked on their competitor. Similarly, businesses must not forget to communicate their unique niches to their customers all the time, as that is what will build-up as their selling point.

2. Generating Content that is helpful to your reader

Your target audience will continuously look for information about your brand. If the content you put out there does not solve their problem, no matter how much you put on marketing, you will end up losing these customers. To …

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How to Increase Customer Satisfaction?

Satisfying customers is critical for any company. It is simple: satisfied clients are mostly loyal to a brand. In addition, they generate positive word of mouth with people around them. Too often we think that proposing an affordable good product or service is enough to satisfy customers. But in reality, satisfaction is much more complex and managing it is a constant struggle. You must continuously measure the level of satisfaction of your customers and take the necessary actions to better meet their needs

Involve All Employees

In order to increase customer satisfaction, everyone in the company should take part. Upstream, you can involve them in the design of the strategy by asking them about their own customer vision. Then, customer satisfaction policies as well as a charter of good practices will be accessible to the whole staff, especially newcomers. Furthermore, do not forget that customer satisfaction will also come from employee satisfaction. Happy employees will be more involved in customer relations. Rewarding employees who best embody the customer satisfaction policy is a good way to foster emulation.

Appoint a Customer Satisfaction Manager

As we just mentioned above, customer satisfaction is everyone’s business. But in practice, it is necessary to organize the measurement actions, analyze the results, implement corrective measures, etc. Consequently, it will be beneficial to appoint a reference person to pilot the strategy. The “Customer Happiness Manager” is responsible for conveying the customer culture. He is the privileged point of contact for any question related to satisfaction.


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Making an Original CV: 3 Errors to be Avoided

Original resumes are greatly appreciated by recruiters as they allow them to learn a little more about the candidates’ personalities. But beware not to go too far in the originality of your CV or the readers might think you are too extravagant or lack seriousness. Thus, there are certain pitfalls to avoid when you want to stand out from other candidates with a unique CV. Unfortunately, the most common mistakes are also the ones that cost the most. Here are 3 of them!

Ignoring the ATS Filters

What you should know is that recruiters now use specific software to make a first selection of all the resumes they receive for a job offer. The ATS or Applicant Tracking System filters are configured so that only CVs containing certain keywords are retained. As this type of recruiting software is becoming more and more frequent, it is better to take it into account. In this case, the solution to pass the screening step is simple. It is just a matter of identifying the keywords used in the advertisement and including them in the most natural way possible in your curriculum vitae.

Going too Far in Originality

CV making can be tricky, especially when you really want to stand out from the crowd. So, even when you choose to create an original CV, it should not be forgotten that Word or PDF formats are the most commonly accepted. Therefore, avoid any unusual format that you would just pick in order to be different. …

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Professional proofreading: the best solution to find and correct the errors in your document

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You must have heard many times from your boss or mentor to proofread the document before its submission. And you always find it a hard and hectic job to thoroughly read your text which had already taken a long time to complete. 

Sometimes it is difficult to find our own mistakes, and that is why many people take the help of professional proofreaders for in-depth checking of your document to make it unique and demanding. 

But are you confused about what is proofreading? 

In its simplest definition, the process of inspecting a piece of article to make it grammatically correct along with accuracy in spelling and formatting makes up as proofreading. Proofreading has different definitions in different industries. 

For example, when you are talking about proofreading in the profession of publishing it is a method of revising a manuscript before its printing and publication. It includes headers, page numbers, formatting, and more, which is indeed completely different from people thinking about proofreading as just a matter of fixing the spelling mistakes. 

Proofreading is an essential step before the content is published online, reports and files handed to your boss, submissions done to your professor, or posting your content to the targeted audience. 

Identification of errors

Getting the professional proofreading done for your document from the experts in never a bad idea. They can help you in searching spelling errors, punctuations, grammar, word selection, English usage, and more. It can help to give more sense and clarity to your document, which …

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Mobile Wallet Payments in Physical Stores: A New Study Shows Customers Want It!

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Customers want to use their wallets to pay for the items or services they buy in physical stores, according to a recent study Blackhawk Network. But physical store retailers are still sluggish to adopt and set up the right tech to incorporate such capabilities.

An entire, 7 in 10 consumers interviewed said they’d gladly add cash to a digital wallet or app, like Netflix, Uber, iTunes, Amazon, and PayPal while in a brick store.

Speaking in a National Retail Federation seminar held in early January, Talbott Roche, Blackhawk CEO, and Boss blamed the gap between digital payments and in-store POS as the obstacle to mobile wallet adoption in brick stores. 

“The adoption rates for Mobile Wallets are skyrocketing. And by 2021, we look forward to transactions worth $190 billion in the United States alone. But there’s still a cut off between digital payments and physical store POS,” says Talbott. 

What’s the gap between customer needs and retailer offerings?

According to Blackhawk’s study, a whole 3 out of 5 people who use smartphones in the United States have a mobile wallet.

Still, retailers won’t offer the right tech to enable customers to pay for items using this method. The study cites that as of Oct. 2018, only 1 in 2 retail shops and restaurants were ready for mobile wallet payments.

 “Mobile wallet adoption in brick-and-mortar has seen slower than anticipated in the United States compared to other areas worldwide—primarily because of the obsolete hardware and outdated check-lane terminals still common in

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