July 24, 2024


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How to Identify Which of Your Business Documents Will Need Certified Translation in 2021

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The concept of certified translation can be confusing, as it means different things in different countries. Below, we’ll go into what certified translation is, easy ways to assess which of your business documents you’ll need certified translation services for in 2021 and how translation specialities can help boost your company credentials.  

The Basics of Certified Translation

Let’s start with the basics. What is a certified translation? Certified translation simply means that the document you had translated comes with a signed certificate that confirms the accuracy of the document. The translation certificate shows that all the information on the translated document is the same as in the original language. 

Using certified translation services is important in the case of international legal or business documents. It’s a way to make sure the information on applications and other paperwork has not been lost in translation. Otherwise, if the information is wrong, that could mean people immigrating are misrepresented or shipped goods aren’t accounted for properly.  

How do I get a certified translation? According to Ofer Tirosh, CEO of language services provider Tomedes, certified translation services are commonly offered within the languages sector. To find certified translation services near you, look up local keywords like translation agency UK. Once you’ve identified the company you intend to use, ask to see a sample of its certificate of translation. The certificate should state clearly that the information in the translation is accurate and complete. Also, ask the agency what experience they have translated the types of documents you need.      

Identify Translation Regulations 

To figure out which translations you need to be certified, take a look at which documents fall under regulations and agency requirements abroad. For instance, paperwork that goes through immigration departments is often required to have a certified translation. So if you’re planning to settle in the UK, for example, but have a birth certificate in Spanish, it’s likely you’ll need a certificate of translation to accompany the English version.  

Another major area where certified translation services are required is in customs. Shipping documents must often be certified. Examples of official documents that can need certification include bills of lading, packing lists, commercial invoices, letters of credit, and certificates of origin.  

Legal documents like statements, depositions, adoption papers, driving licences, divorce documents, marriage certificates, death certificates, and birth certificates often must be certified. Sometimes, background information documents in other languages need certified translation too, such as diplomas, medical papers, or academic transcripts.      

Basically, if you have an official document that you need to produce in another language, it probably needs a certified translation. If in doubt, check the regulations and requirements with the agency that handles the paperwork, like USCIS or a country’s customs department.      

Understanding How Translation Specialties Can Help

When looking for certified translation services, it’s important to consider any translation specialities that you may need. This will help you to seek out a translator who is skilled in handling the types of documents you’re working with, thus better assuring the completeness and accuracy of the translations. 

Some of the translation specialities that apply to certified translation include:

  • Legal translation: Legal translation handles all things related to the legal process. This can include court transcripts, contracts, and financial agreements. It can also include passports, legal name change documents, adoption papers, driving licences, and marriage certificates. 
  • Medical translation: Medical translation is its own speciality. If you need medical records certified, you you’ll need to use specialist medical translation services. These will provide translators who have detailed knowledge of medical terminology and concepts, thus ensuring that no important details are lost in translation.  
  • Business translation: Business translation handles everything that helps a business run, from presentations to financial reports to internal communications. For the most sensitive of documents, like financial reports, you might want to consider certified translation.
  • Technical document translation: Technical translators handle software, engineering, programming, and scientific documents. They might handle documents like CAD drawings, instruction manuals, patents, or engineering specs. Patent applications in particular often require certified translation.  

By finding a translator whose experience matches your specialism, you can assure that the translator understands the highly specific technical jargon that your documents contain. That understanding can help deliver the most accurate and complete translations possible.  

What to Look for in Certified Translation Services

You should always look at the background of a translation service, but nowhere is that more important than when using certified translation. How do you know if a translator is certified? In the UK, there are no particular legal or qualification requirements for working as a certified translator. As such, simply ask the translator about their certified translation experience and to see a sample of their certificate of translation. 

In terms of quality assurance, you can also review the background of the translator by looking at past work samples, client testimonials, or possibly references for independent workers. If using a translation agency, look in detail at their online reviews and at their rating on the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot. Ensure that your point of contact is professional in their communication with you at all times.

Finally, ask about their translation processes. A good process has multiple stages of review to make sure the document is as accurate as possible. 

By taking the time to make sure your translator is professional and suitably knowledgeable, you can ensure you’re using the most appropriate certified translation services for your needs.