June 22, 2024


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How Your Business Can Successfully Improve Cash Flow

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12 Tips To Improve Cash Flow 2022

Cash flow issues affect businesses of all sizes. When this problem does rear its ugly head, it has the potential to impact how a company operates in multiples way – from lost customers to even the threat of bankruptcy. 

This is why a healthy cash flow is imperative. With it, you are able to pay vendors and cover operating expenses on time, have the necessary capital to invest in new equipment and ventures, and handle any unexpected – and costly – emergencies. 

To learn how to improve cash flow, we have put together the following tips. 

Encourage payments once an order is placed

If you don’t send out invoices, your business won’t get paid. You know that, obviously. So why would you delay providing your customers with these invoices? 

More organisations do this than you may realise. Avoid doing the same. Simply put, the faster your invoices are sent out, the faster cash will come into your company. 

Give customers a reason to pay on time

The dream scenario is for customers to pay invoices on time, every time. Yet trying to achieve this is another story.

One way to encourage customers to pay on time is to supply them with incentives. For example, you could offer a small discount if a customer pays their invoice within three days of receiving it. 

Another option is to charge customers with a late payment penalty. When you utilise a strong invoicing policy, which includes a hefty penalty for those that forego their invoice due date, there’s fewer chance customers will mess your business around. 

Keep a funding solution in your back pocket

Despite your best efforts, money simply isn’t coming into your business. To make matters worse, you need this cash right now. So, what can you do? 

In this scenario, the best route to take is to use a funding solution. While there are various options available in that regard, one of the best for cash flow is undoubtedly invoice finance. This is where you trade in your unpaid invoices to a finance company, and they will provide the value of these – minus a small percentage for their troubles – to you in cash immediately. 

The result: you can get your hands on money from unpaid invoices without any delay, helping you to avoid cash flow issues. Fundinvoice.co.uk has more information about this funding method, along with how to find the best finance for your needs. 

Re-evaluate your expenses 

While your focus is rightly on getting money to flow into your business, it’s important you avoid overlooking how your finances depart at the same time. Understandably, the less money you spend on expenses, the easier it is to manage your cash flow. 

Are there any expenses that are unnecessary? Perhaps you could lease equipment rather than paying for it outright? Maybe you can negotiate with vendors to secure a better deal for supplies? By re-evaluating these expenditures, it’s possible to find ways to reduce your outgoings and make cash flow a less demanding situation for your business.

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