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Lead Generation Plan

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Lead Generation Plan

Business today relies on lead generation and the people to take the leads and close business.Lead Generation is very important for any committed organization who wants to grow. It is essential even for work as it will to more effective generating. To generate revenue cause you need a well-designed detail of income focused, your industry area, a history of your clients and most of all a good method for reaching income brings.

For Generating Sales Lead, you need three things 1st is an itemized details of your focused probability, a history of thinks containing clients, a technique of reaching income brings.

Some proven method of reaching your Lead Generation Plan

  1. Buying the Ready-to use Data
  2. Cold Calling
  3. Live Seminars and Trade Shows
  4. Mass Mailings
  5. Advertising
  6. Internet Advertising
  7. Email Publications
  8. Complementary Associate Referrals

Buying the Ready-to-use Data

Yes this sound little old fashioned, but it is one of quickest way to generate Leads. When choosing the Lead Provider, you have to be careful with the Quality of Data, which has less Data Decay because there has been a survey where on yearly basis near 60% of data will go outdated. You have to Analyzed the data accuracy, whether Purchased data is cent Percent verified, because in a market there thousands of companies of who offer the ready to use database.

While selecting the database vendors do check with their Filtration process, where all in accurate data can be filtered and select only the verified data.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is also one of the ways where you can include in your lead generation plan. Here you can have your In-house Presales team, whose only job is call, and introduced about your product or services, create interest and starts getting leads. Or you can hire the call center company where they trained tele-callers who can pitch about your product or services and get the job done. So here, you can have an added advantage, where you can use database purchased from Database provider.

Live Seminars and Trade show

Tradeshows and Exhibition which works great for both B2B and B2C business, the best advantage of attending the seminars or any other business events about the networking, here you can connect with the like-minded people where you can exchange your business cards which are a great source of Lead Generation.

Bulk Emailing

You can also say sending email in mass, it is called cold emailing, you can count on mass emailing as well for your Lead generation plan particularly for Business to Business. If you are in to B2b business you can use this strategy for lead generation because there are more chances having increase open ratio. As per my experience for cold emails just go with simple text format content with only one call to action button because if you add more links there are the chances that mail may goes in spam folder.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising still works as lead generation plan but only if you are well-known brands or have ready to spends Lakhs of Rupees on to advertising with more creative way. Here you can use different set of media whether it is television, radio, newspapers, or outdoor advertising like boards or hoardings. But the problem here is you cannot have any idea how many of them will turn into store, or office when they see those ads. But yes it can be very useful in terms FMCG and Retails Sector of Business.

Internet Advertising

I’m sure you know about Internet advertising where you can use search engines, Social Media and Email Marketing for reach the audience and generate leads for your business.

You can use Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads where you can use different set of tools generate leads, or can have a separate landing page where you can capture the details from the visitor through lead forms. Or you can redirect them straightly to the website where you can use contact forms or Enquiry forms and capture details.

These are some of the various methods of prospecting for your business. You can use any of these techniques but as a committed entrepreneur, select properly your strategy of revenue prospecting as your targeted should always be highest possible revenue with versatile some time to independence at your side. It’s all about doing it the intelligent way.

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