April 24, 2024


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Making an Original CV: 3 Errors to be Avoided

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Original resumes are greatly appreciated by recruiters as they allow them to learn a little more about the candidates’ personalities. But beware not to go too far in the originality of your CV or the readers might think you are too extravagant or lack seriousness. Thus, there are certain pitfalls to avoid when you want to stand out from other candidates with a unique CV. Unfortunately, the most common mistakes are also the ones that cost the most. Here are 3 of them!

Ignoring the ATS Filters

What you should know is that recruiters now use specific software to make a first selection of all the resumes they receive for a job offer. The ATS or Applicant Tracking System filters are configured so that only CVs containing certain keywords are retained. As this type of recruiting software is becoming more and more frequent, it is better to take it into account. In this case, the solution to pass the screening step is simple. It is just a matter of identifying the keywords used in the advertisement and including them in the most natural way possible in your curriculum vitae.

Going too Far in Originality

CV making can be tricky, especially when you really want to stand out from the crowd. So, even when you choose to create an original CV, it should not be forgotten that Word or PDF formats are the most commonly accepted. Therefore, avoid any unusual format that you would just pick in order to be different. You can stand out without taking a lot of risk. Prefer to play with the colors, the layout or the tone of your presentation paragraph. But once again, everything too fancy and too extravagant is to be banned. Currently, most headhunters favor soft skills and mad skills but that does not mean you can put anything and everything on your CV. Every information must be relevant to the position sought.

Creating a CV that is Difficult to Decipher

If you decide to use an original font, do not fall into the trap of sacrificing clarity for the sake of creativity. CVs overloaded with frills or staggered to the point of being illegible are not to the liking of recruiters. Instead, prefer to bet on an elegant and professional style for maximum clarity. We even recommend to opt for a usual font like Arial and not to play with originality as far as this element is concerned.