June 23, 2024


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Online Project Management – Ten Features You Need to Have

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Online project management is designed to improve productivity and efficiency, eliminate waste, and boost the effectiveness of project management in any business. When you are shopping for software, there are plenty of features to consider. However, the following ten features are things that you must have in your online project management system:

-Communication tools. You should have access to discussion boards, emails, or both so that you can communicate efficiently and quickly with the people involved in various projects.

-Reporting and bug tracking tools. Software is no good if it doesn’t take care of the little details for you. You need these tools in your system so that you can make the most of your project management.

-Customization. Your business needs a https://www.encode.eu/ unique project management solution that can be customized to suit your specific projects or business needs. Colors and themes might not mean much, but they can make all the difference. Being able to personalize your management system will make it much more enjoyable to use and easier for everyone to follow.

-Permissions. With permissions, you can choose who accesses what information and whether things are public or private. When you have a lot of people sharing a lot of information, this is critical. Being able to protect information from certain people or requiring restricted access authorization is necessary in some businesses.

-Security. You are putting yourself in a position where your system is hosted by an online server and you need to make sure that your information is protected accordingly. Check for dedicated hosting and data center storage to improve that security.

-Easy interface or dashboard. The area where everyone works and uses the system needs to be easy to use. If people can’t get around, the system becomes a hassle instead of a benefit. Make sure that your system is designed with a user-friendly interface so that it continues to be an asset.

-Calendars and scheduling. What good is the software if it doesn’t have the right calendars and scheduling tools to help you schedule events and tasks? Look at these features carefully because they are more important than you might realize now.

-File sharing. When you’re working on projects, you’re going to have files to deal with. You might need to share them, so find programs that have file sharing features. Most systems do, but you will still need to make sure that you find the best solutions.

-Automatic backup. Nothing is worse than forgetting to back up your system only to have a server crash in the middle of the night. All databases should be backed up daily and easily restored.

-Exporting and downloading capabilities. Being able to take your information, reports, or tasks elsewhere is important. Make sure that you choose an online project management solution that offers these two features.

Online project management can be a very useful tool for any business that needs improved efficiency. To learn more about the available systems or the features that you can find in your project management systems, visit Projecturf today.