June 23, 2024


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Solar Panel Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

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Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning | Greentumble

Residential solar power maintenance and services are offered by solar providers to help their clients make their investment worth it. Just like any other property, solar panels need maintenance too. Maintaining them regularly can protect your investment since you can avoid too many repairs and replacements. Here are some tips on solar panel maintenance: everything you need to know. 

Do Solar Panels Need To Be Maintained?

Solar panel maintenance has only one goal. This is to make it free from any elements that are blocking the panel, which can reduce gathering energy from the sun. Accumulated dirt, for instance, or dried leaves can cover solar panels and can lessen the efficiency of the solar panel. Maintaining them can preserve the condition of the solar panel to function 100%. 

How Do You Maintain Solar Panels?

There are several things to consider when maintaining solar panels. Here are some of them:

  • Cleaning them with Water 

Using a hose or nozzle can be enough to remove debris or elements from the solar panel. However, make sure that the weather is cold. Cleaning it during hot weather can cause it to crack. 

  • Wipe with Soft Cloth 

Solar panels may have coverings, but to make sure they will not get damaged, using a soft cloth is a must. Most solar providers use special equipment to dry and finalize the cleaning, such as a soft brush. 

  • Shut Down Your Solar Panel System 

To avoid accidents, make sure that your solar panel system is totally shut down. A solar panel system consists of wires and is connected to your household appliances and sometimes to the grid. To avoid electrocution, shut it down during the cleaning process.  

What Is The Standard Warranty For Solar Panels?

Warranty and insurance are important when availing solar panel installation. Solar providers who are confident with their producers can give upto a 20-year warranty. There are two kinds of warranty: product warranty and performance warranty. The product warranty covers the solar panels themselves. If there are any faults, they can replace the entire solar panel. For performance warranty, a solar panel should not decrease below 10% of its efficiency for the next 20 years. Selecting solar providers that can offer a good warranty which can also include maintenance as [art of the warranty can be the best deal. 

How to Monitor Solar Panel Condition?

There is a device called a Solar panel monitoring system. These devices can be used to monitor your energy usage plus act as an indicator if there are any unusual activities in your solar panel components. In this way, you can easily tell if it needs any checking or repairs. If the performance suddenly decreases, then you can have your solar panel system checked by your solar provider. Having an issue addressed immediately can avoid further damage and can save you from the repair cost. 

How Does Extreme Weather Affect My Solar Panels?

Solar panels are built to stand hail since they are usually covered with a protective shield. However, solar panels that are covered in snow or any other elements can block the sunlight and solar panels will not be able to collect energy. Clearing your panels after every snow or hail will be ideal. Also, check for cracks and damages just in case there are. Call your solar provider immediately to have them fixed. Another thing to help you protect your solar panel is making sure these issues are covered by your solar warranties or insurance. So you can reduce your costs just in case they need repairs or replacements. Maintenance is often included in the warranty, but some repairs might not be included. 

Hope these tips on Solar Panel Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know can help you take care of your solar panels well to avoid spending on repairs and replacement. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Same with solar panels, why allow them to be damaged if you can actually secure them by getting regular maintenance. Maintain your solar panel and you maintain your investment. Make sure that you monitor the condition of your solar panel system and there will be no trouble in getting it to function efficiently and provide the energy your home needs.