April 12, 2024


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Want to Know More About Wedge Wire Filter?

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A wedge wire filter is a welded steel structure used to filter, separate, and retain a specific fluid. This filter’s construction is made up of resilient surface profiles wielded on various support profiles, typically in the form of Vs.


The slot that serves as the filtration zone is typically formed by the distance between two surface profiles. Usually used for filtration slots with a V-shape surface profile. As a result, it’s critical to keep this distance in check.

The Wedge Wire Filter’s Main Sections:


An important consideration when working with a wedge wire filter is understanding precisely what is being filtered out. Understanding the sections of a wedge wire filter is an integral part of this.


i) Surface Profile 


A wire known as a V-shaped wire makes up the surface profile of a wedge wire filter. Flat, triangle, round, and trapezoid wire are all types of surface profiles for a wedge wire filter.


Steel is generally used as the primary material for the surface profile of most wedge wire filters due to the excellent fluid filtration properties of steel. The surface profile can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the fluid flow direction.


ii. Profile of Support:


A flat triangular, round, or trapezoidal bar is the most common shape for a support profile. The inner part of the filter, the support profile, provides a smooth surface for filtering


Because of its large open area, the filter element is affected by a thicker support profile. Support profiles come in a variety of sizes, each suited to a specific application.


iii) Slot Tubes:


Specifically, slot tubes refer to the welded structures with the axial direction of the tube providing the necessary support. Because slot tubes are made using a machine, their slot openings are exact.


These openings, too, are perfectly symmetrical and circular. End pieces make it possible to add more support if necessary.


Variable slot openings are available in some wedge wire filters for specific applications. There isn’t a standard slot tube size on the market because of the wide variety of wedge wire filter components that can be combined.


iv) Flow:


The path of fluid flow determines a wire filter’s flow direction. In essence, there are two directions of flow in a filter: 


  • out to in 
  • in to out.


Your fluid’s flow is an integral part of the filtration process. Several factors determine the wedge wire filter’s directional flow, as we’ll see later in this guide.




Wedge wire filters, as it turns out, play an important role in fluid filtration. Compared to other types of filters, these have enormous advantages.


However, there are several things to keep in mind when deciding on the best wedge wire filter for your needs.