June 18, 2024


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Why do Business People Prefer Rapid Web Application Development platforms?

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The introduction of social, mobile, and cloud has placed unprecedented demands on business application delivery. Meanwhile, according to a Geneca survey, 75% of business and IT leaders believe their software programs will fail. These figures highlight the difficulties that traditional rapid web application development platform present for both enterprise IT and business users.

Why Choose a Rapid Web Application Development Platform?

As a result, top companies are investigating new RAD platforms to decrease the obstacles to developing practical enterprise applications. Here are some of the vital benefits of RAD:

Overcome rework weariness:

According to the Geneva report, 80 % of IT professionals admit to spending at least 60 % of the time on rework. However, the main reason for this is that marketing and IT have separate areas of influence at different stages of application delivery. At the same time, IT drives the programming and quality control phases.

Create an engaging environment at every level of application delivery to bridge the business-IT divide. Rapid Application Development streamlines the application development process. So that knowledgeable business users and professional developers can participate in the project.

Fast-forward delivery:

Traditional software development models’ systematic approach offers an excellent opportunity for waste reduction and faster delivery. Wait periods, handoffs, job switching, and defects all contribute to cycle times when using the supply chain technique to examine software delivery. Therefore, the reasons could be anything from securing sign-offs to waiting for the environment to be set up.

Build the ideal innovation pyramid:

Organizations have previously only considered the benefits of RAD at the software level. At the company IT portfolio level, however, the advantages of Rapid Application Development are considerably higher. To understand this, consider enterprise applications from their rate of change as described in Gartner’s Rate of speed Application Strategy. To classify application types depending on their rate of change, Gartner has created three application categories, or “layers.” A detailed look shows that these layers also represent the proportion of focus and resources businesses typically spend. Therefore, companies who focus even more on the top layer, the ‘Systems of Innovation,’ have a competitive advantage.

Final Verdict:

RAD tools are suitable for most experimentation systems and are frequently updated. As a result, organizations have resorted to rapid web application development platforms to help them develop their innovative pyramids, focusing on ‘Systems of Innovation. Explore our guide to know more about the best platform.Feel free to contact us for Wave Maker ISVs and compare Low code pricing mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker and low code application development platform For Banking and enterprises