June 18, 2024


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6 small business marketing strategies to boost conversions

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Conversion Marketing: 10 Tactics To Boost Your Conversions in 2023 and 2024  | DesignRush

The trick to building any successful business is figuring out how to bring in more conversions while keeping costs to a minimum. Luckily, in the digital age, there are plenty of ways companies can boost their brand image without breaking the bank. Here are six small business marketing tips to maximize your conversions on a budget.

Use templates for high-quality poster graphics

In the current marketing landscape, content is king. There’s so much content available that it can be difficult to stand out unless you create only the best of the best. But small businesses typically don’t have the budget or time to create top-tier content regularly. That’s where templates come in.

There are thousands of free small business poster templates available on websites like PosterMyWall. When you’re ready to launch your next campaign, simply browse the designs, choose the one that best fits your brand, customize the information in the easy drag-and-drop editor, and you’re ready to upload.

Templates are the best way to ensure high-quality marketing content without needing the time or design skills to build them from scratch. Best of all, they’re free!

Optimize your website for SEO

Almost half of all product and service searches start on Google. And of that traffic, only 0.63% of users make it to the second page of the search results. What does that mean for your business? It better show up on the first page of the search engine results!

The best way to boost your search engine rankings is by implementing search engine optimization (SEO) practices on your website. Here are just a few ways to optimize your site for search engines:

  • Include relevant keywords naturally throughout your content
  • Use proper header tags and formatting
  • Update alt-text for original images
  • Focus on maintaining fast page load times
  • Write meta titles and descriptions
  • Include internal and external links
  • Generate backlinks from high-authority sites
  • Create plenty of high-quality original content

A good SEO strategy can generate an incredible amount of conversions for your brand. And best of all, it’s free! However, it does take some time and effort to implement and monitor over time. Generally, focus on creating quality content and use SEO best practices, and the search engines will take notice.

Run a few targeted paid ads

Search engine optimization is great for any marketing strategy, but it takes time to show results. If you want a faster way to more conversions, try running a few targeted paid ads.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a great way to boost conversions and get more traffic to your website without blowing your marketing budget. Essentially, a search engine will actively promote your content around the internet to a specific user demographic of your choice. In return, you’ll pay them some money each time someone clicks on your ad.

While PPC ads do cost some money, how much you pay per click is entirely up to you! However, if your bid is lower than a competitor, the search engine will put the competitor’s ad above yours in the results. It takes some research and strategy to get just right, but PPC ads are a highly cost-effective way to generate more conversions and get more attention to your brand.

Get social on social media

The entire goal of marketing is to reach potential customers where they spend their time. In 2023, most people will spend their time on social media. Around 70% of the entire U.S. population is active on at least one social media platform, making social media one of the most powerful marketing tools in the modern world — and it’s completely free to use.

But because there are so many users, millions of posts are uploaded to social media every single day. It can be difficult to stand out with so much competition. The key is to post only high-quality content and be consistent with your uploads to stay top-of-mind.

Aside from posting, many marketers forget one of the most important aspects of social media: being social! Engage with your followers regularly by responding to comments and direct messages (DMs). It’s also a good idea to comment on other pages’ posts so more people see your business’s page. The more engagement you encourage, the better!

Work with influencers

Social media is definitely a powerful marketing force. But the main problem with social media is that only people who follow you see your posts. Working with influencers is a great way to expand your marketing reach to users outside of your followers list.

Influencers are professional content creators with their own dedicated following. Businesses like yours can work with the influencers to create branded content that the influencers can post to their profiles and share with their followers.

There are influencers with anywhere from a few thousand to a few million followers. Typically, the larger the following, the more expensive the influencer. Some influencers may work for free or discounted products or services from the business, but most request money.

It’s best to work with an influencer who creates content that’s relevant to your business’s niche. For example, if your business sells clothing, it’d make sense to work with a fashion influencer, since their followers are more likely to be interested in clothing. That’s how you make the most of working with an influencer.

Track analytics to strengthen your campaigns

Launching a campaign is really just the beginning of any marketing effort. If you don’t track analytics, you’ll never know if your campaigns were successful or where to improve future campaigns to be even more effective.

The second your marketing efforts go live, it’s important to start tracking key performance indicators (KPI) to see how your campaigns are doing. Different marketing channels use different KPI, but typically, you’ll want to track at least the following:

  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Conversion rate
  • Engagement (social media)
  • Organic traffic
  • Referral traffic

You can then use the KPI to adjust future campaigns to make them even more successful. For example, if you changed your tone of voice in a social post or added an original graphic in a campaign and saw the KPI spike, you’ll know that your audience liked the change and you should implement that in future campaigns. The opposite is also true. If you make a change and see KPI drop, you should probably change up your strategy in the future.

If you don’t track KPI, you’ll never know how successful your marketing campaigns actually are.

Make the most of your small business marketing efforts

Marketing is an essential part of running a business. But it’s not always easy to know where to start or what strategies are most effective for your brand or budget.

When you’re ready to boost your conversion rates, start with some professional graphics templates, optimize your website for search engines, run a few paid targeted ads, harness the power of social media, work with influencers, and always track analytics. It’s the best way to watch your conversions soar!

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