April 13, 2024


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How Much Do the Global Warming Alarmists Want to Tax the Global Economy?

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No matter that Global Warming is only a theory, the IPCC wants to hijack international trade, shipping, energy, transportation and anything else these elite global socialists can get their hands on. A few of the IPCC’s most outrageous leaders actually blame capitalism for being too efficient and creating too much abundance and thus using too much energy and using up too many resources as the prime culprit – their answer – kill capitalism to save the planet.

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, an editorial titled; “Gambling the World Economy on Climate – The emission-cut pledges will cost $1 trillion a year and avert warming of less than one degree by 2100,” by BJORN LOMBORG, written on; November 16, 2015. The article stated:

“The United Nations climate conference in Paris starting November 30 will get under way when most minds in the French capital will still understandably be on the recent terror attacks. But for many of the 40,000 attendees, the goal is to ensure that climate change stays on the global economic agenda for the next 15 years, and; ” The cuts on the table in Paris, then, will leave the global economy, in rough terms, $1 trillion [in today’s dollars] short every year for the rest of the century-and that’s if the politicians do everything right. If not, the real cost could double.”

If all this nonsense in Paris happens they believe they MIGHT be able to change the temperature 1-degree by 2100, are they serious? OMG, re-arrange the entire global economy, keep billions of people down at $1 per day, cause people to starve, cost trillions of dollars every year (in today’s dollars), destroy our energy infrastructure, turn over power to absolute scoundrels, for what? For a contrived theory that’s hijacked science, fudged data, lied about everything – OMG.

Someone mentioned low IQ people are the ones who are skeptical of global warming theory, goe-engineering and taking part in an economic revolution to re-arrange all of the human endeavor. Personally, I am not worried about the skeptics anymore because this IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) Paris Plan isn’t the absurd and dumbest thing I’ve ever heard I cannot imagine what worse idea the ‘group think’ human minds could possibly come up with, but there is always next year’s climate conference – maybe I will be even more surprised then?

We must reject the UN’s IPCC and their dictates and proposed taxes on our nation and their draconian measures that even they admit will have little effect on the actual warming, or not, of the planet, remember it’s only a theory.

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