June 25, 2024


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Is Google Stealing Your Content?

5 min read

It was a silent pact that took place around 20 many years back amongst digital creators and a technological innovation corporation that transformed the globe. No contracts were exchanged, and it was a mutual partnership that worked for equally sides.

At initial, the tech was clunky and rough all-around the edges. But in excess of time, it became polished, rapidly and correct. And the mission of 1 celebration was crystal clear and considerably-reaching. “To arrange the world’s information and facts and make it universally obtainable and helpful.”

The procedures and algorithms for obtaining this were being in no way shared but just proposed. The riches had been distributed at initially so that absolutely everyone was delighted, singing and holding palms. But little by little, around time, items transformed and the partnership grew to become strained. It was a gradual creeping takeover.